Welcome, to 2011

That is sure fuckin’ right aye moite.

We here at The Anchor Blog (pty ltd registered trade mark radda radda) recognize the frustrations you are severely enduring due to the lack of content lately. Rest assured that we pulled together last night, in a professional, true, neat, suited, boozeless meeting and discussed with pie graphs, charts (that we made with our computers) , the future of BMX, where we’re heading as a company, focal point, strictly BMX orientated discussions.. (Not the bike shop nor the magazine.. fuckers), and have decided that you, the world, the children of BMX deserve the very best – We will deliver to you, epic content, videos, women and funny pictures, daily.

We have a great team here, working around the clock, with an idea, with style, flashing neon lights, doily’s under specialty vases with fake flowers – TO BRING YOU—

2011 – THE YEAR OF BMX (cue epic music)

Your host for this evening, Ryan.


About Ryan

I drink coffee and draw, that's about it.
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