WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS???? i have been checking out BMX for well over 15 years now, and i must say that most of the new products on the market these days almost borderline raw sewage. I mean anyone that has been into this word of BMX must almost certainly agree, just take a look a the products of yesterday and compare them with what you would see in any bike shop today…. As you observe this new wave of products you will notice a hell of a lot of ”over engineering” in something that is actually very low in quality?? sure the parts are lite, but what about outright quality? In this case im going to use one of our favorite bike parts, the ”stem”. But why all this effort and thought put into a stem that simply looks gay? I will tell you why, money and competition. But how does this shit sell? it takes lots and lots of kids who NEED all this crap to be ”cool”. BMX now has this. Im not saying all kids in BMX need this crap because there are tons of new kids coming through the ranks that simply rule on 20 inch wheels, but they do buy this crap that is for sale simply because they dont know any better. Dont forget that the new wave of legit riders are far outweighed by the kids that just want to be cool by having a BMX, now dont shout bull shit coz thease fuckers with the latest and greatest who cant do a no footer are fucking everywhere. Now before i get too wound up on this i would like to stress that there are GOOD PARTS OUT THERE, but in my opinion they are too few and far between. I am almost certain this is simply because of the popularity of our much love’d hobby of BMX. I mean why would you go out and make a product that is expensive to produce and is going to be expensive to retail when you can make cheap shit, add a splash of purple and wham dollar sings everywhere!! And kids fucking love it simply because they don’t know any better. Wasn’t it the job of the rider run company’s to ”keep it real”? Bull shit i say!! let me tell you that money talks and bull shit walks. I could point the finger at a lot of bike company’s but that would simply get me in a pile of shit…or maybe a pile of their bike parts?? Now the last thing i think BMX needs is another fucking bike company, but out of pure frustration i have started my very own, and yes i have had a stem produced. So what makes this stem different? well take one look at it and you will fucking see!! its oozing with quality and is strong as all fuck. Im not out to make a new design or bring anything new to the table i just want to revive the pride in owning decent bike parts that last. Now before you assume i have jump’d on the wagon i would like to let you know that i have been catching air on a BMX since i was 5 years old, i am now 28 years old and have been running a 100% BMX shop in tasmania for almost 4 years, and yes i ran the real products of yesterday. The stem has a 53mm reach with a front load design and holds the handlebars to steer. I would tell you what it weighs but i havent put it on a set of scales. The name of this stuff is ”Highroller BMX” the same name as my BMX shop. what a fucking rant, Brad Cross.


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